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Personal Loans

TriStar Bank offers a wide variety of personal consumer loans, both secured and unsecured. Need a loan for a new car, used car, or to refinance your existing auto loan? You can securely apply online using the button below to start the process and submit your application.  We will respond quickly – usually within 24 hours, Monday-Friday – and get you on your way. 

You are also welcome to visit any of our branches and discuss your needs with one of our caring, experience loan officers.

What affects my credit score?

 Many different types of credit data is used in your credit report to determine your credit score.  Your FICO scores are calculated based on the five categories below. For some groups, the importance of these categories may vary; for example, people who have not been using credit long will be factored differently than those with a longer credit history.  Both negative and positive information is considered in your credit report.  Late payments will lower your scores, but establishing or reestablishing a good payment history will raise your score over time. 

35%-Payment history

30%-Amounts Owned

15%-Length of Credit History

10%-Credit Mix

10% New Credit

Source: provides a free annual credit report you can view and print online.

Access your free Annual Credit report at